Veruschka in Late ’60s Costume Jewelry by Giorgio Sant’Angelo

Aluminum isn’t only for foil and cans. Just look at Veruschka’s shiny aluminum cuffs and belt by costume jeweler Giorgio Sant’Angelo in this photo from Vogue’s Jan. 15, 1968, issue. “Jewelry made of aluminum is sleek, sturdy, highly reflective, and lightweight,” says Melinda Lewis, cofounder of Costume ­Jewelry Collectors Int’l and co-owner of The ­­Jewelry Stylist. “These qualities made it the metal of choice for some couture designers, and it fit nicely into the space-age geometric shapes and designs that were popular in the 1960s.” And ’60s designers didn’t stop there. “Body jewelry was very popular,” says Lewis. “Jewelry was worn like it was a piece of clothing.” The Sant’Angelo set modeled by Veruschka, with its ­rectangular straps and dangling hoops, also had a matching pair of shoes!

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