Unleash Your Enthusiasm

When you greet a customer, don’t rely on the typical “Can I help you find something?” Instead, try a greeting like this: “Our buyers just received these brand-new styles of earrings (pendants, rings, etc.). We haven’t even put them out yet. I’d like your opinion of them.” Including the customer in the process makes them feel important. A sale to this person just became a lot easier. And, with each successful gold sale, a salesperson becomes more confident in his or her ability.

Following are some potential negative attitudes and how to turn them into positive opportunities.

“I can’t sell gold jewelry at these high prices.” Restaurant owners don’t tell their customers, “The price of lobster is too high, so we can’t sell it.” Diners know lobster is expensive, but some order it regardless of the price. Precious metals are called precious for a reason. Historically gold has been held for its store of value, whether for investment or adornment. Gold holds its value over time. Instead of avoiding this in your sales presentation, broadcast it. By adding value to the product, you make it easier to sell. You’ve overcome your own objection and turned a negative into a positive.

“There isn’t any demand for gold jewelry.” Clothing manufacturers and retailers create demand and excitement for their product with fashion shows. The attendant publicity generates buzz about the upcoming season’s hot fashion trends. Clothing retailers don’t wait for customers to ask to see the latest fashions. They aggressively market their products.

Take a page from the clothing retailers and market your gold jewelry to everyone who enters your store. Create a special section showing the newest gold items, and, while shoppers are waiting, direct them to that area. Create an e-mail list and blast weekly gold specials. Offer a reward to customers who create the most innovative gold ad. Making the customer part of the sales process creates a good vibe.

“There’s too much competition in gold from my competitors.” Turn that negative into a positive by shopping the competition to find out what lines they carry, what price points they stock, how they display their products, and what kind of styles they offer. Armed with this information, you can create your own niche, but you must know your clientele. Are they fashion forward, more interested in classic styles, or primarily working women who need jewelry that can make the transition from day to evening?

Work with your suppliers for new and unique products that set you apart. Be creative in your assortments. If your biggest competitor carries a lot of fashion forward bracelets, and you want to grab some of that business, try stocking some that are lighter in weight but still have the look of your competitor’s merchandise. If you sell mostly classic bracelets, then stock more of those.

Update your inventory regularly. Find vendors that offer stock balancing and use it wisely. For example, stock balancing lets you experiment with styling you wouldn’t normally carry. New styling may be nothing more than a different color gold or a different finish and texture on an item you already carry. You might be surprised by the direction your inventory takes. Even moving your gold inventory to another case can put it in a new light. Be creative in your displays by adding props. Colorful props direct shoppers’ eyes to the merchandise.

Use these ideas to help you maintain a positive attitude about selling gold. They will make you more successful, and success breeds success.

If you start with a positive view of the gold category, it will show in your presentation. Enthusiastic presentations also have a salutary effect on your sales associates and help them make sales.

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