Two Rocks in One

The SoulMate collection from sightholder JB Diamonds Group, Los Angeles, features an extra element of romance: All the jewelry uses pairs of diamonds cut from the same piece of rough.

Once identified as suitable to yield a pair, the piece of rough is marked, split by a master craftsman, and the resulting stones are kept together throughout the cutting and polishing process. They’re monitored via a special tracking system to authenticate their origin from the same rough stone. Each diamond in the pair is then graded and certified by an independent gemological laboratory. In addition to the lab certification, the stones come with a certificate of authenticity from JB Diamonds.

“We realized we had something very, very special when we created this concept,” said Jetendra Surani, chairman of JB Diamonds. “We’re in awe of the billions of years [the stones] have been together and it is our desire to keep them that way.” He noted the collection is obviously suited for a bride and groom but also can be given by a parent to a child or to symbolize any lifelong commitment.

Separately, the company also announced the launch of its Charles Winston Couture collection, designed by Charles Winston and priced to retail for $599 to $2,999. The company offers sales and marketing support.