Twitter Gems: Six Tips to Get Started on Twitter

Twitter is a “micro-blogging” and social networking service that allows you to send short messages (called “tweets”) to people who have signed up to receive them (your “followers”). The messages, limited to 140 characters, also appear on your profile page on the Twitter Web site. Jewelers can use Twitter to start a dialog with customers or generate word-of-mouth marketing.

Following are six tips to help you use Twitter effectively:

  1. If someone has sent you feedback to a post, tweet a response back. No one likes to think they’re Twittering into empty space. To find feedback, check the @yourname tab. I once bought a pair of boots from, tweeted about how much I liked them, and received a thank-you tweet from the head of Zappos.

  2. Offer feedback to another user’s post. The beauty of Twitter is the real-time alerts when people are talking about you or your product, which allow you to join the conversation.

  3. Never insult anyone. My mother’s dinner table conversation rule works: Don’t talk about politics or religion.

  4. Include on your profile page a good biography and image. First decide if you will Twitter as yourself—the owner of your company—or under your business or brand name. Either way, say something that makes you stand out.

  5. Use the power of the retweet. “Retweeting” means rebroadcasting someone else’s post to your own followers and giving the original poster the proper credit. Do it by copying and pasting the message, adding the label “RT” (for “retweet”), and including their user name. Also, there is no shame in adding “Pls RT” to the end of your posts until your numbers grow.

  6. Follow people outside your niche. Retail jewelers want to reach people who have to look good for work. Use the Twitter search function to find realtors, lawyers, corporate trainers, and owners of other independent boutiques and shops.

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