Top Trends From the Jewelry Shows

A trio of recent trade fairs—VicenzaOro1 in Vicenza, Italy; the Jewelers of America Show in New York; and Centurion in Tucson, Ariz.—ushered in a busy season for the jewelry industry. The hot products from these shows represent the trends to keep your eye on this year. Here are the top seven trends, which you can expect to see more of at The JCK Show ~ Las Vegas.

Jungle. Animal patterns and themes are trending strongly, as are natural elements like leaves and flowers, the color green, and wild silhouettes like swirls.

Ethnic. In addition to Africa, India comes on strong this season, with yellow gold, granulation, and bright color combinations seen in many new collections.

Black, white, and brown. Jibing well with jungle and ethnic themes (as well as everyone’s closet), these are the colors to watch this season.

Y-necklaces. Why Y? It’s uniquely feminine and a nice alternative to the long-chain look.

Hard bangles. Like stack rings, bangles in thick, thin, and colorful versions are a layering alternative for those who like weight on the wrist and enjoy the satisfying clink that multiple bracelets make.

Clusters. The clustered look offers an appealing contrast to the recent length trend (in earrings and necklaces). Plus, gems and pearls in bunches create a vintage feel without looking fuddy-duddy.

Squares. The geometric cousin of the circle is poised to step into the spotlight. It’s available in parquet and pearl looks, as well as micromosaic tile and big boxy metal variations.