Tool Time, October 2015: Gadgets, Apps, and Wearables



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If the Nevo smartwatch wasn’t able to tell us when the boss is calling and how many steps we’ve taken since lunch, we’d still be inclined to strap it on our wrist. Why? The hybrid notifier and activity tracker looks and wears like a cool, understated luxury watch. That it’s also able to count our swim strokes and alert us to important emails, texts, and calls makes this low-key looker a great buy.

What we liked: Nevo’s minimal, masculine design hits the sweet spot between casual and fancyschmancy. And the strap is made of thick, buttery leather—not the cheap stuff . The accompanying Nevo app, which controls the device’s functions, is spare and simple to navigate.

What we didn’t like: The watch feels rock-solid in its construction, but at 12.6 mm high, it’s also on the thick side.

Best features: When a call or text comes in, a halo of tiny lights in a rainbow of colors illuminates the dial from below. It also features a vibrating alarm that feels more like a gentle nudge than a jarring jolt—which you’ll appreciate at 6 a.m. ($299 at


GemOro Testerossa


Does your current diamond tester talk to you? The new GemOro Testerossa diamond, moissanite, and white sapphire tester from GemOro Superior Instruments not only can announce its findings out loud—but it can also do so in nine different languages, including Arabic and Chinese. But what the ergonomically designed thermal and electrical conductivity tester does best is protect jewelers from diamond fraud. The hand tool identifies a wide range of materials, including hard-to-detect moissanite. The Testerossa features finger grip pads for easy gripping, LED stone illumination, a loose stone holder, a multi-voltage AC adapter, an auto-off function that kicks in if the tester is left unused, and UV fluorescence detection. Its tough-as-nails polycarbonate casing also has a molded rubber base to cushion the occasional (and inevitable) crash to the bench room floor. ($299 at


Diamond Hedge

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Finding the perfect diamond on the fly just got easier. Independent gemstone firm Diamond Hedge has debuted an app that lets users shop for loose diamonds—searching by carat, color, clarity, cut, or price. Results come back in seconds with side-by-side price comparisons included. (Free; Android only;

(Images courtesy of Nevo, GemOro, and Diamond Hedge)

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