Tool Time, May 2015: Withings Activité & More


Withings Activité

Plenty of wearables pack more functionality than the Withings Activité. But we’d wear this Swiss-made smartwatch even if it were lacking in the brains department. The all-in-one health tool counts your daily steps, analyzes your sleep patterns, and can ultimately work up a personalized activity plan.

What we liked: Its battery is designed to last eight months—no charging required.

What we didn’t like: That it can’t buzz when your babysitter is calling feels like a missed opportunity.

Best features: Its understated design and user-friendly app make the price worth it. ($450;


Dual timers let you clean and dry simultaneously.


Lititz Matador 4000

Make sure every piece of jewelry leaving your store is shinier than a patent leather purse with the Lititz Matador 4000, a new ultrasonic parts-cleaning machine. The 14-pound candy red super-scrubber features four containers for washing and rinsing solutions, a ­movable ultrasonic head, and a centrifugal spinning heated dryer. Cleaning times range up to nine minutes, and drying times can be programmed for up to 20 minutes—just enough time to show off that new collection while she’s waiting. ($3,795;



Gemporia Ring Sizer


Grooms-to-be no longer have to swipe their sweetheart’s favorite ring to figure out her finger size. Gem­poria’s new Ring Sizer app lets users place an existing ring on top of their iPhone or Android phone screen and—using arrows and a slider—change the diameter of a virtual ring to match that of the real ring. Once the digital tracing’s been captured, the ring size pops up on the screen. Send your clients a link to the helpful app, and we’re betting it pays off in purchases. (


5 things to know about Google+! See­equipment-tech for that and more.

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