Tool Time, June 2015: JUNE by Netatmo & More


JUNE by Netatmo

Sun worshippers now have a way to determine when they’re catching too many rays. JUNE by Netatmo measures your sun exposure by gauging the UV index ­wherever you are. With its proprietary smartphone app, JUNE lets you know when to reapply sunscreen or head indoors.

What we liked: The pretty, cut-diamond-like design pairs perfectly with beach and casual wear. Its battery, when fully charged (which takes 12 hours), lasts a full month.

What we didn’t like: The device itself slides onto a double-wrap leather ­bracelet via a flat metal clip—and the clip’s grip isn’t so secure. Within 10 minutes of my first wear, I was combing through the grass trying to find the darn thing (I did, thankfully).

Best features: Its usefulness for, say, office workers seems limited, but JUNE could be a skin (or life) saver for those who work and/or exercise outdoors for extended periods of time. ($129;


When it comes to bangles, one size definitely does not fit all.


True-Size Bracelet & ­Bangle Mandrel

“You cannot go wrong with sizing with this item,” says Andy Kroungold, director of tool sales at Stuller, which distributes the trusty True-Size ­bracelet and bangle mandrel. The solidly built ­aluminum gauge measures both the inside ­circumference and the inner ­diameter of bangles and ­bracelets, ­assessing arm candy with a ­circumference ranging from 169.4 mm to 239.3 mm and diameter from 54 mm to 76.2 mm. At only 4.75 inches tall and 10.15 ounces total weight, this tiny tool is built to be handheld and supremely mobile. ($29;


Not into selling secondhand? Opulent will do it for you—no fuss, no muss.



Vintage and estate jeweler Opulent Jewelers is making it easier for retailers to sell secondhand baubles. Submit a photo and description via the app, and wait for a price quote (what amounts to Opulent’s cut, not the retail price). If you agree, the company will send a box to forward the item to its brick-and-mortar Pennsylvania location. Staffers polish the jewel and list it on their website; once the item sells, the shop mails you a check. (Free;


Meet Depop, the mobile flea market! See­equipment-tech for that and more.