Tool Time, December 2015–January 2016: Gadgets, Apps & Wearables


Fossil Q Dreamer

Subtlety is a quality sorely lacking in many wearable designs. Yet great style (and taste) often relies on quiet sartorial nuances, not in-your-face fashion statements—which is why the Fossil Q Dreamer notifier is such a breath of fresh air. And the design blends seamlessly into a stack of metal or leather bracelets. 

What we liked: Its ultra-low profile: a plain brushed-metal rectangle (the actual smart device) plus a rich, raw leather bracelet. The two available color combos—sand-toned strap with a rose-gold device and a black strap with a silver device—feel quietly luxurious. 

What we didn’t like: That said, the Fossil logo on the side should be either smaller or hidden—it practically screams “mid-priced product.” 

Best feature: The proprietary app, which controls the fitness-tracking functions and call/text log. Calls and texts kick off a gentle vibration (almost a nudge) and the illumination of ultra-tiny blue lights.

Price: Considering the Q Dreamer’s looks and functionality, it feels like a steal. ($125; 




Mallzee, aka the “Tinder of fashion,” partners with more than 100 retailers (including Urban Outfitters and Forever 21) to put zillions of products in front of mobile-savvy consumers. Users can handpick categories to browse, refining searches by price, size, and color, among other options. Then they swipe like mad. The app is a goldmine for retailers because it connects with avid shoppers in a platform that feels leisurely and game-like—the opposite of a hard sell. (Free at iTunes and in the Google Play store; 



eLUXE 3D Scanner

Are intricate repairs or vintage re-creations popular requests in your store? Meet the fully automated eLUXE 3D scanner, which allows jewelers to bring physical objects into the digital realm at a very high resolution—up to 5 megapixels. The scans allow you to work with exact models (meaning shorter turnaround times). You can also create an archive of your designs and offer 3-D heirlooming—high-res scans that preserve every bend and cut of a family’s jewels forever. (Silver scanner, $21,000; gold, $39,900;