Tool Time: Cool Jewelry Gadgets, May 2016


Martian Electra E10

Predictably, wearable devices known as “notifiers” do just that—notify their user (usually with a light or a vibration) when they’re receiving calls, emails, and texts. Yet some connected devices can actually stand in for smartphones on occasion. Martian’s sporty-chic Electra E10 smartwatch still has to be tethered via Bluetooth to a phone—but its innovative voice functionality leaves you hands-free far more often. 

What we liked: We appreciated the simple convenience of being able to make, accept, and conduct phone calls from our wrist. You can even command the watch to read emails aloud.  

What we didn’t like: The bejeweled bezel—though certainly there’s a consumer who goes for such things.  

Best features: The Electra E10 is also an analog quartz watch (with Japanese movement)—so it’s able to power down without losing its mind. ($299;





What’s the freshest way to show jewelry on Instagram? Boomerang it! The social channel’s latest app, Boomerang for Instagram, creates zippy video clips by snapping a series of rapid-fire photos then stringing the pics together. The resulting video plays backward and forward on an endless loop. It’s almost impossible to make a boring Boomerang. (Benefit Cosmetics and Coca-Cola are among the big brands using Boomerang.) It’s Vine without the editing—and a perfect tool for showcasing product in motion. (Free; iTunes, Google Play



Triple D Photo Kit

Photographing loose gems for clients and posterity just got a little easier. Kassoy’s Triple D Photo Kit is designed to capture images and 360-degree video of diamonds and gemstones—all on a smartphone (models made after 2013 are recommended). The professional-grade, all-in-one studio, which folds down to a compact rectangle, was designed to sit under a smartphone and facilitate crystal-clear, well-lit images of even the teeny-tiniest stones, on a white background. Email or share the gem pics (and their certificates) using Triple D’s easy Android and iOS-compatible app. ($299;