Tool Time: Cool Jewelry Gadgets, January–February 2017


Garmin Fenix Chronos

Serious athletes have always loved Garmin, and for good reason. The smart tech developer makes some of the best fitness trackers on the market. Garmin’s newest GPS sports watch, the Fenix Chronos, is as high-tech as its predecessors, but looks more like a luxury timepiece. The beautifully built smartwatch, which comes in titanium and stainless steel, is packed with useful tools, including an EXO antenna, optical heart rate technology, an altimeter, a barometer, and a compass capable of tracking any physical activity, from golfing to long-distance swimming (it’s waterproof up to 100 meters). Oh, and it also tells time.

What we liked: It gleans information about your activities throughout the day, including when you’re sleeping. All data are easily retrievable through the watch’s companion app, Garmin Connect.

What we didn’t like: Its size. The watch’s huge, heavy bezel makes it unwieldy for small-wristed males, and downright unwearable for the majority of women. (Note: The watch is not marketed to women.)

Best feature: The Fenix’s VO2 max estimator synthesizes data to estimate the maximum volume of oxygen you can consume per minute, and a recovery adviser can predict your finish time based on how much oxygen you’re getting. ($900–$1,500;

The Fenix Chronos looks and feels more expensive than it is—a not insignificant feat considering its hefty price tag.




Add some oomph to your social media pics with the photo-editing app Mirrorly. Users can create cool kaleidoscopic effects by mirroring, rotating, and repeating photos. The app also boasts a set of modern-feeling filters and overlays to help you build collage-tastic masterpieces. How to begin? Upload a few simple, high-quality photos of your best-selling pieces and start playing. (Free in the App Store



Tecno Display GL139C Case

Throw your display a curveball with this elegant, rounded case. The preassembled “vision” case boasts 12-inch-high tempered glass and sliding doors that open in the back and shut with a plunger lock. You can customize the GL139C in any color (including natural wood veneer), and even add LED strip or pole lights. (Starting at $2,275;

The 46-inch GL139C is really for anyone who wants “a very modern-looking case,” says Tecno Display marketing manager Jason Burkhart.

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