To 4 Ways to Set Goals

The most successful companies, sales managers, and salespeople continually challenge themselves and their people through setting goals. Let your people know what’s expected of them on three levels: (1) minimum goal, or how much they have to produce; (2) actual goal, or how much they’re expected to produce; and (3) stretch goal, the level at which a reward or bonus is appropriate. Set monthly goals, with weekly targets toward the goal. Set goals in at least two areas: total sales and add-on sales. Here are the four keys to successful goal setting:

  1. Write goals down. This shows commitment. Otherwise, you’ve simply had an idea that’s easy to compromise.

  2. Make goals realistic and attainable. Don’t turn your winners into losers by setting goals unreasonably high.

  3. Measure progress. Use statistics to track your progress and make adjustments.

  4. Break goals down into stages. Set logical intermediate steps toward achievement, and work slowly and steadily toward the result you want.