Tips to Thrive

Words have meaning. Choosing the wrong word in the midst of a sales presentation could not only cost a sale but also turn a customer off from your store for good. Jewelers of America’s resident education and management expert David Peters offers his take on some key words and phrases to avoid:

  • Flaws or fakes. Peters suggests skipping the “F words” and using “internal characteristic” to describe a gemstone’s inclusions. Use proper descriptions, like synthetic or simulant, instead of fake.

  • Cheap. This word (or cheaper), as in “this ring is cheaper than this one” is not very effective. Instead, use phrases like “more affordable” or “lower priced.”

  • Industry-specific terms, without explanation. Virtually all jewelry-specific technical and gemological terms fall into this category. These words can be confusing and make customers feel intimidated. Many will leave instead of asking for an explanation. “I shudder every time I hear a salesperson say something like, ‘This is a VS diamond,’ with no additional comments. They assume the customer knows, and they imply that if the customer doesn’t know, they are not very smart shoppers,” Peters says.

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