There’s No Masking the Allure of Pearls

Forget strands and studs. Designer Karim Rashid has a whole new take on pearls: a face- obscuring mask. The mask was created by Rashid and Golay as part of the company’s Pearl Evolution project, which challenges designers to think beyond traditional uses of pearls. For Rashid, the result is art with a message.

“It is a deliberate analogy: a pearl hidden in the oyster and a person hidden behind the mask,” Rashid said in a statement.

The Pearl Mask weighs 3,440 grams and features 1,446 round Tahitian cultured pearls from pearl producer Robert Wan.

Pearl Evolution, launched by Golay in 1997, aims to revitalize the image of pearls. Fifteen artists have participated in this noncommercial project, creating a collection of 37 jewels and art objects with exceptional pearls.

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