The Top 10 Retail Jewelry Marketing Mistakes

Avoid these budgeting blunders and social media snafus to boost your bottom line todayRetailers today have the means to take their marketing message to customers who would have been unreachable just a generation ago. Traditional workhorses such as postcards, trunk shows, and local newspaper ads now coexist in the marketing toolbox alongside blogs, YouTube videos, Twitter posts, and other 21st-century innovations. But the downside: More ways to connect with current and potential customers mean more opportunities for making mistakes.More marketing channels also mean those potential customers already receive a barrage of messages from all sorts of companies—including your competitors. It's not enough to be out there; you have to stand out in a positive way so as not to encourage people to "unlike" or opt out altogether. JCK asked marketing experts specializing in jewelry, new media, and l

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