The Suite Life

New York and Los Angeles may be opposites in geography and climate, but the two coasts—and their jewelry industries—share a love for the perfect party, the perfect dress and, of course, the perfect accessory. This spring, when New York’s Fashion Week wrapped and the runways went dark, all eyes turned west where, despite the war in Iraq, celebrities donned their Sunday best for the Academy Awards.

While the events were toned down, the evening (and the entire week before) was an extravaganza of fashion and fashionistas. And this year more than ever, jewelers were in on the act.

From designers like Erica Courtney, who hosted an A-list in-store event two weeks before the awards, to a group of Italian jewelers who showed in a suite and co-hosted an event with society darling Paris Hilton, industry insiders and celebrity jewelry lovers alike were hard-pressed to make it to all the scheduled events.

To an Oscars rookie, the magnitude of the jewelry industry’s presence was nothing short of a shock. And to anyone who thought the Academy Awards were only about the likes of Harry Winston, the 2003 main event and pre-events offered proof to the contrary.