The Optimist

Wow. I’m just back from my first JCK ~ Las Vegas Show. What an adrenaline rush!

What an amazingly vital show—networking, buying, selling, deal-brokering, hugging dear friends. It was absolutely unbelievable, and despite advance warning from the entire JCK team, I can’t even complain about my feet hurting.

I saw so much optimism there! So many conversations were positive, constructive, questioning, and strategic.

One man who stands out is Roy Forman. Roy is an optimist. A true New England gentleman from the Marathon Co., makers of “Kiddie Craft” and other fine products, in Attleboro, Mass., near the former national capital of jewelry manufacturing, Providence, R.I.

Literally standing in the shadow of a hulking, 100,000 sq. ft. 1910-era factory—abandoned—Roy and I discussed the amazing opportunities “in the niches” for entrepreneurial types in this business. Sure, “they never thought it would end,” he mused, while shaking his head at the factory, but he mostly talked about his enthusiasm for the success his sons will have with the business.

Roy’s lovely sister, Audrey, could not attend the show due to an illness in the family. While we shared our concern, we also had a wonderful conversation about the Internet. Roy knows it’s going to change everything. He knows that no one knows precisely how just now. But Roy is optimistic that his sons will figure it out and harness its power.

It’s a funny thing, optimism. With it, you may or may not succeed. Without it, you’re more than likely not to.

I look forward to seeing all our friends in the months ahead to share more Las Vegas stories!

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