The JCK Industry Fund

Did you know that the JCK Publishing Group (publisher of JCK, JCK Luxury, JCKstyle, and, along with The JCK Shows, have given $3,600,000 back to the industry since 1998?

Many people don’t know this, and we think it’s time they do.

The JCK Industry Fund was established in ’98 as a way for the JCK publications and shows to express their appreciation for industry support. Every year, the shows and publishing group each give a donation of $200,000 to the fund. This $400,000 is awarded in grants to jewelry industry organizations to help them improve the image of the industry in the eyes of consumers, address serious problems confronting the industry, and develop training materials.

This year’s recipients are the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History (to support a postdoctoral fellow’s research on colored diamonds and other gems), Manufacturing Jewelers and Suppliers of America (for the development of a “Thinking Ahead” seminar program for presentation at industry trade shows), American Gem Society (to support the educational program at the AGS International Conclave 2007), Jewelers’ Security Alliance (to formulate and promote guidelines and recommendations for jewelers regarding state-of-the-art security equipment and technology), and Jewelers Vigilance Committee (for regional outreach for legal compliance, educating jewelry dealers about legal compliance, and JVC resources).

I have to admit that we’ve been a bit shy about promoting our good works in years past. Beginning with this issue of JCK, you’ll see a new house campaign promoting the fund and our donations to it.

It’s our hope that this campaign will raise awareness of the fund and increase the number of organizations that submit proposals in the years to come. And, of course, we hope to continue to generate the good will we’ve earned from all our giving.

Our new tagline for the fund is “Doing well by doing good.” We think it’s a great way to do business. We hope you agree!

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