The Guide Expands Gemstone Pricing

The colored-gemstone pricing book The Guide has expanded and updated its gemstone pricing to reflect what’s new in the market. With steadily increasing requests for pricing on laboratory-grown diamonds, The Guide Diamonds has added pricing charts for HPHT-grown synthetics in yellow, pink, and blue colors. The Guide Diamonds already has separate pricing grids for natural diamond in individual fancy shapes. Research director Stuart Robertson notes that The Guide Diamonds is the first and only publication to research pricing on ideal cuts and fancy colors.

In the colored-gemstone Guides, more than 20 categories have changed, and the trend for unenhanced gems is strong. “Dealers are concerned that buyers may experience sticker shock later in the year as demand for untreated stones is outpacing supply, especially in the ruby and sapphire markets,” writes Robertson. Consequently, sapphires, particularly fine and extra-fine pinks, have seen a marked increase. “Blue sapphire has remained steady, due to active production at key deposits,” notes Robertson. “Emerald prices continue to firm, with increases largely confined to the fine and extra-fine categories.”

Another upward trend comes from a rise in aquamarine prices. “Tanzanite rough’s dramatic price increases translated to moderate polished increases with larger stones growing scarce,” writes Robertson, adding that spinel also is on the rise because of its very popular pink color and because spinels are typically not enhanced. In the pearl market, The Guide shows increases in larger akoyas, and a new chart debuts for South Sea Strands: “This is based on the popular 10-mm to 12.5-mm and 12-mm to 15-mm sizes for commercial to fine qualities.”

The Diamond and Color Books are included with a subscription to The Guide. For more information, contact Megan Watts at (847) 564-0555.