The CRJP’s Draft Principles

The full list of the CRJP’s draft principles is available at the organization’s Web site, Among them:

Business Ethics

  • We will not engage in bribery and corruption.

  • We will not tolerate money laundering and financing of terrorism.

  • We will adhere to the Kimberley Process Certification System and the World Diamond Council’s voluntary system of warranties.

  • We will fully and accurately disclose the characteristics of the products that we sell.

Social Performance

  • We believe in the fundamental human rights and the dignity of the individual, according to the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights.

  • No child labor.

  • We commit to high standards of health and safety in our operations.

  • We will not discriminate based on race, ethnicity, caste, national origin, religion, disability, gender, sexual orientation, union membership, political affiliation, marital status, physical appearance, or age in the workplace.

  • Where appropriate, we will support the development of communities, contributing to their social and economic welfare.

  • We will recognize and respect the rights of indigenous peoples.

Environmental Performance

  • We will conduct our businesses in an environmentally responsible manner.