The Bull’s-Eye Gets Trendy

The bull’s-eye logo that belongs to Target Stores has gone Andy Warhol in its pop-cultural appeal. Jaye Hersh, owner of a trendy boutique called Intuition in Culver City, Calif., approached the retailer two years ago about putting its logo on accessories. “People have been calling Target ‘Targèt’ for years, so I presented the company with great ways to celebrate the bull’s-eye, and they loved it,” says Hersh. The result is the recently launched Targèt Couture line of jewelry and accessories.

Hersh engaged Lizzie Scheck, creator of the famous horseshoe necklace for Sex and the City, to make the fine jewelry, which is available in sterling silver and 14k yellow gold. Regal motifs, created by accessories maker Madeline, “set pieces apart from what you’d normally see at Target and gave the jewelry a little more cachet,” explains Hersh. Circle-in-circle pendants are a subtle interpretation of the Target logo.

Seven styles are available, including rings, bracelets, and necklaces, and all pieces are made in Los Angeles. Adding to the jewelry’s appeal: Pieces are limited and, at least for now, available only at Intuition and its Web site, (You can’t buy them at Target.)

Targèt Couture has been so well received that Hersh is already working on a new jewelry collection in partnership with Target— details are hush-hush—that will retail at another store next spring. That’s probably a good idea: In just two months, Hersh sold more than 3,000 pieces from the premiere Targèt Couture jewelry collection.

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