Tanzanite Takes a Market Position

Just as diamonds own the engagement-ring sector, the colored gemstone tanzanite aims to own a market category as well: the birthstone business. Launched at this year’s American Gem Trade Association’s Tucson Gem Fair, the Tanzanite Foundation’s “Be Born to Tanzanite” global marketing campaign wants to position the violet blue gem found only near Mount Kilimanjaro as the gift for the celebration of life.

Drawn from cultural traditions of the Masai, an African tribe that dons blue beads and fabric upon the birth of children to promote healthy lives, “Be Born to Tanzanite” encourages a similar message and deed: paying tribute to new mothers and children through the gift of a piece of tanzanite jewelry.

The nonprofit Tanzanite Foundation is expanding the market for ethically acquired tanzanite by placing jewelry on pregnant celebrities, advertising in trade and consumer magazines and on billboards and broadcast media, and through a new jewelry design contest dubbed the Celebration of Life Jewellery Design Awards.

For more information about any of the initiatives, contact Tanzanite Foundation officials at (212) 575-3020 or online at www.tanzanitefoundation.org.