Tanzanite Has a New Ad Campaign

The signs on the shuttle buses in Tucson, Ariz., during February’s gem shows proclaimed the Tanzanite Foundation’s new slogan: “Be Born to Tanzanite.” The message bewildered hundreds of people, but it drew plenty of attention.

According to TF, “Be Born to Tanzanite” is the campaign slogan for positioning tanzanite as “the birthstone,” that is, the gift to be given upon the birth of a child. TF operations director Sarah Cort says positioning tanzanite as the birthstone is a natural progression. “The beauty and passion of tanzanite’s Maasai heritage coupled with tanzanite being the gem of a single generation and family heirloom makes emotional and commercial sense,” she says.

TF will use the slogan in a multimedia campaign that will include trade and consumer magazines, billboards, broadcast, newsprint, and public relations vehicles.

TF is responsible for developing a quality grading and certification program, channeling funds and resources back into tanzanite’s place of origin and route to market, as well as education for the trade and consumers on tanzanite’s history, rarity, and value. It also promotes the Mark of Rarity that ensures the consumer of tanzanite’s ethical route to market.