The Goods, March 2020: Talsam Wearable, Best Built Ring Engraver

Talsam black sardonyx pendantWHO, WHAT, WEARABLE

Talsam Pendant

There are wearable devices designed to track your fitness goals and ones that alert you to texts and phone calls. Talsam—a new wearable that can be worn as a necklace or bracelet—was designed to make you feel loved. Yes, really. The pretty pendant, which comes in a variety of trendy semi­precious stone casings (pictured: black sardonyx and amazonite), functions as an intimate communication channel between two people—to transmit affectionate messages and, in the event of an emergency, alert the wearer’s loved one to his or her exact location. It may not be the most pragmatic wearable we’ve seen, but its heart is in the right place. And we love warm-and-fuzzy technology.

Talsam amazonite pendant
When you receive a message sent using the Talsam mobile app, the crystals on the charm light up progressively, mimicking a shooting star.

What it does: Through Talsam’s mobile phone app, wearers receive personal messages from their special person—even “secret” notes that can only be unlocked using two-factor authentication. When contacted, the charm emits a subtle light and gently vibrates. The device also acts as a GPS locator; pushing a small button sends a text with your coordinates.

What we liked: Talsam is lightweight and well-built, and features a choice of chic semiprecious stone cases, including green amazonite, white howlite, gray agate, blue goldstone, and black sardonyx. It doesn’t easily wear as a bracelet (its weight makes it slide around too much) but works perfectly as a pendant.

Best feature: The unique wearable feels like a real piece of jewelry—the base metal is plated in 18k yellow gold, and the device is even covered in Swarovski crystals arranged in the pattern of the Lyra constellation, a group of stars that’s been associated with love for millennia. ($279.99;


Best Built Ring Engraver BB5S

Best Built ring engraver
The new engraver from Best Built allows you to download and utilize your own fonts.

Is it time to upgrade your engraver? The Best Built BB5S engraver from Stuller is a quality option. The desktop tool engraves both the inside and outside of rings, and boasts single line, double line, and hatching design options. The engraver—which handles light- and medium-duty engraving—comes standard with MagicArt5 software, wireless Bluetooth capabilities (you’d use with your own tablet), laser centering, a tool tray, multipurpose utilization with various jig types, and an internal electric switch. And it works for more than rings—you can do custom engravings to pendants, necklaces, ID tags, bracelets, lighters, and key chains with it, too. ($5,695;

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