Talk to Men in Their Language, DPS Says

The diamond industry needs to do a better job communicating with men. That was the message delivered by Diamond Promotion Service training director Diana Warga-Arias at the American Gem Society Conclave in Austin during a glitzy James Bond-themed DPS presentation on the “Male Paradox.”

“Men want to win,” she said, noting that men do not enjoy shopping for jewelry and often feel uncomfortable doing so. “You need to translate the joy of giving a diamond into ‘what’s in it for him.’ “

Warga-Arias offered the following tips on how to better communicate with male jewelry buyers:

  • Host events in your store that are interesting to men.

  • Advertise in male-oriented publications and “go where the men are.”

  • If you have “diamond rooms,” set aside one specifically designed to make men comfortable.

  • Use male-targeted terminology. A DPS example had a jeweler telling a male customer that buying a diamond was a “slam-dunk.” Stress what diamonds mean emotionally to women. “Men are not comfortable talking about emotion,” Warga-Arias said. “A lot of times they don’t ‘get’ diamonds. Let them know why diamonds are important to women. You have to tell him that, to her, diamonds symbolize your past, present, and future as a couple.”

  • Stop asking for permission to sell and start advising. “Men love to get advice,” she said. “We need to advise them.”

  • Build a relationship with the male consumer that is unrelated to jewelry. “Introducing jewelry too fast does not work with men,” she noted.