Take a Spin on a Carousel Ring From Lord Jewelry

How to mount a spinning carousel on a ring? Very deliberately, says Sinork Agdere, who created this majestic merry-go-round ring for his Los Angeles–based firm, Lord Jewelry. “There were so many challenges in creating this piece,” reports the Turkish-born designer, “from scaling down such a large idea to a wearable size—without losing the details of a real carousel—to the complex enamel work and the intricate placement of the beautiful stones.” Also tough, says Agdere, was engineering the teeny-tiny mechanics that allow the carousel to spin on its bezel. But the dazzling and whimsical final product was worth the effort. “In a carnival, I see the carousel as the centerpiece, mesmerizing everyone with each spin,” he says. “My vision was to create a high-fashion, modern piece that opens a bejeweled magical world for everyone.”

Animal Instincts

Don’t be fooled by the piece’s child-centric motifs. Though Agdere says the elaborate ring was inspired by “fond childhood memories of a carousel,” the animals he chose to depict point to more grown-up themes. “The elephant symbolizes good luck and fortune,” explains the designer, “and the giraffe represents sticking one’s neck out—reaching farther and taking chances.” The flowers etched into the bottom of the shank? “They symbolize life.”

In the Round

This tiny ride was crafted from 18k yellow gold and sterling silver, incorporating 5.25 cts. t.w. round-cut diamonds, 1.49 cts. t.w. baguette-cut diamonds, and 0.6 ct. t.w. sapphires. The various colors on the ring were achieved through French enameling. The carousel ascends 23 mm from the top of the finger.

Labor Pool

From conception to completion, the ring took nearly a year. “Many hours of labor and love went into creating this,” says Agdere. A host of experts—including a “master of art and design,” an engineer, and a stone setter—made it happen. The one-of-a-kind piece is currently for sale at Lord’s Los Angeles atelier (price on request).