Summer Tips From an Exhibitor

Neelam Meetcha, of All Occasions Gift Wrap (gift-­ in Wolverhampton, U.K., does live gift-wrapping demonstrations at Autumn Fair International in Birmingham, U.K. Here she shares her advice for wrapping jewelry—or “jewellery,” as they call it across the pond. —Richard Dalglish

Gifts are wonderful things, whether they are big or small, whether the recipient expects them or not. Beautiful gifts deserve to be presented in the best possible way; not only do they look stunning, the perceived value also goes up. There are many ways in which gift-wrapping can be presented, and it’s certainly an art.

1. It’s always a good idea to have gift boxes of various sizes when gift-wrapping jewelry.
2. Wrap jewelry in tissue paper and/or foam to stop it from getting damaged.
3. For an inexpensive gift-wrap technique, place jewelry in the center of a piece of tissue, fold the sides up toward the center, tie with string, repeat the ­technique with cellophane or material to give an elegant yet striking look. Tie with organza ribbon or add a small tassel embellishment.
4. Pouches or gift boxes branded with your company name also add value to the product, and printed personalized ribbon is a great way of branding a product.