Summer Tips from a Retailer

Bill Selig, of Bill Selig Jewelers in Simsbury and Windsor, Conn., has been able to maintain healthy summer sales, even though the surrounding towns practically empty out. Here are a few tips on making it through the sultry season.

Know Your Customers

Selig and his staff focus their resources on building relationships with their existing customers. “The day-to-day contact we have has helped us build a strong word-of-mouth campaign that carries us through the slow months,” he says.

Arm Your Associates

During those sluggish summer months, his small and trusted sales staff hones its retail skills. “The lessons we give them keep our sales ­consistent during the summer,” Selig explains, “and really pay off once the busier holiday ­season hits.”

Stay Close to the Community

Selig spends time with the Rotary Club and the Chamber of Commerce and also relies on the locals to build his part-time staff, employing high school and college students as well as local housewives. “It’s important to have the attitude that you’re a part of a great community,” he notes. “It just adds to your credibility, and your name is always out there.”