Style 2009

First Lady Drives Season’s Trends

Michelle Obama has, arguably, stolen Hollywood’s spotlight, becoming the most-watched style icon … Perhaps one of the biggest the reasons for Obama’s influence is the accessibility of her style. … Michelle O. opts for the likes of J. Crew over Valentino—making her choices for clothes and jewelry within reach of average women. As a result, the Washington Times reports that the First Lady is impacting buying and design decisionsat retailers and manufacturers across the country—from color palettes to silhouettes. What does that mean for jewelry? According to the Times, her state-ment necklaces are becoming 2009’s must-have item.

Our analysis: while Obama (like any good First Lady) loves her pearls, she sports everything from multiple pendants to long, layered looks, but her go-to choice—choker-length designs—are likely to have the most impact on how women wear necklaces this year.

Carrie Soucy, Style 360, March 9, 2009

Ice, Ice, Baby

A few daring designers have begun featuring highly included—almost milky looking—diamonds in their lines. These “ice” diamonds are pretty in their own distinctive way, even as they help control costs.

Charms, I’m Sure!

To appeal to buyers in lean times, there’s nothing like charm jewelry. Pieces are not only affordable but also collectible and cute when paired with future add-ons.

[Designer to Watch]: Uri Kling

Location and contact Israel; (972-54) 478-2789;

Signature style and inspiration Sterling silver violin and Judaica motifs were inspired by a previous career as a violin maker. Kling says he “couldn’t make any kessef [Hebrew for money and silver] from making [musical] violins, but could from making sterling ones.”

Fun Fact He uses his wood-carving knife from his violin-making days to carve wax jewelry molds.

Starting retail price point $100

Country of production Israel

Accounts Israel, but international accounts are welcome

Trade show exhibits Jovella, Tel Aviv, Israel