How Do You Incorporate Storytelling Into Your Retail Sales?

Bryan FerroI’m third generation in my business, so we have a lot of history and knowledge and stories we can tell. We’re always weaving in stories from the past when we’re talking to clients—things we’ve experienced and know about. That’s how you build relationships, by getting a little more personal with the customer. We also might provide more context on an estate piece when we write up our appraisals, when we have it; we don’t just write up the technical information. People love hearing the backstories of the pieces they’re buying.
Bryan Ferro, owner, Ferro Estate & Custom Jewelers, Stowe, Vt.,


Nora KoganOur approach to telling stories with our marketing echoes the design and the spirit of our brand—it’s playful, flirtatious, and fun! We never take ourselves too seriously. We told a story in a recent photo shoot we did where [fashion designer/former London It girl] Susie Cave wore a faux fur with our colored Scorpion rings. The story was about prettiness but also confidence.
Nora Kogan, owner, Nora Kogan, New York City,


Shelia BayesI think everything is about storytelling. We feel like it’s not really about the size of your stone, it’s the size of your story. One of the things we’ve done that has been widely read and talked about is a series of advertisements called “The Story Behind the Ring.” We take engaged couples and do professional photography and share their love stories. The first time we did it, I ran into someone who almost verbatim told the story back to me, she liked it so much. In this day and age, everyone is looking to connect. We’ve become so tech-driven, we forget that it’s our stories that really connect us.
Shelia Bayes, owner, Shelia Bayes Fine Jewelers, Lexington, Ky.,


Claire KnudtsonWe talk a lot! It really depends on the customer, but I’m always telling stories—I’ve told some whammies over the years. And with fine jewelry, there are of course lots of stories to tell. We talk about the gems and the design of pieces during the [sales process].
Claire Knudtson, owner, Knudtson’s Jewelers, Roseburg, Ore.,

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