Stellar CZ

A new cubic zirconia? Quite possibly, according to David Atlas, gemologist and owner of D. Atlas & Co., Accredited Gem Appraisers, in downtown Philadelphia. Stellar Gem, located in Southern California, supplies this new CZ—which it calls the “hearts and arrows simulated diamond”—and cuts it to Ideal proportions.

“They’ve got very precise guidelines,” notes Atlas. “The cutting is very diamond-like from the top. They mimic the appearance of an Ideal cut [diamond] from the top,” but not from the back. Most he has seen are colorless, although he has seen some fancy vivid yellows.

“In theory, there’s probably some trace element that gives this particular CZ a boost in brilliance, higher refractive index, and hardness,” says Atlas. “So it’s not the typical one-dollar CZ.” This addition of a trace element is not a new concept, but it’s not widely accepted, Atlas notes.

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