Spring Has Sprung: May 2012 Publisher’s Letter

It’s been an exciting spring here at JCK!

First up was a very early Baselworld fair in Switzerland. Unusually, the fair fell during the first week of March (to accommodate all the construction taking place this year in advance of the fair’s 2013 debut). For us, it was a terrific time to meet with clients and friends to discuss strategies and programs ahead of next month’s JCK show.

Of course, Basel at night was a blast, as usual. I managed to make it to all the traditional spots, like the bar at the Three Kings Hotel, Pizzeria Picobello, and the restaurants and bars in the late-night Baselworld Village. JCK’s Victoria Gomelsky, Bill Furman, and I were even interviewed by a local society paper, the Basellandschaftliche Zeitung (say that three times quickly!), and our photo appeared in its gossip pages.

Back at home, we were thrilled to receive the fantastic results of our annual JCK magazine and JCKonline.com readers’ survey, conducted by a third party, the Harvey Research Group. Here are a few highlights:

  • Our magazine readers truly engage with our products: 86 percent said they read three out of four issues, and 50 percent read cover-to-cover.
  • Our magazine readers are truly devoted to us: Just 53 percent read the next-best-read trade, and fewer than 30 percent read the others.
  • Our magazine readers see us as “most prestigious” and as “the industry authority”: 74 percent and 70 percent, respectively.
  • Our magazine readers buy jewelry: 93 percent are involved in the purchasing decisions for their organizations.
  • Our audience engages with us in print and online: 70 percent of our online readers also read JCK magazine.
  • Our online readers engage with us often: 80 percent visit JCKonline.com weekly.
  • The annual retail sales revenue for our online audience ($2,282,117) is even greater than the outstanding average for our magazine readers ($1,796,933).

It’s great to see our readers are successful, influential, and love the JCK brand!

Juri Junkov/Bz Basel
You may have spotted me, editor in chief Victoria Gomelsky, and group sales director Bill Furman in the Baselworld gossip pages!

Finally, our website, JCKonline.com, won really big at this year’s Media Industry Newsletter Best of the Web awards! We swept the B2B category, with wins for Overall Digital Excellence; Best Blog (Rob Bates’ Cutting Remarks); Integration With Print; Community/Social Networking; and Relaunch.

It’s my pleasure to work side by side with our amazing editorial team, and it’s a real delight to see them honored this way by their peers. Congrats to everyone who made these awards possible!

Next up: the SMART Show in Chicago and the American Gem Society Conclave in Miami. Then, before we know it, we’ll be off to Vegas! See you there.