Special Report: Colored Gems Emeralds

Renewing trust in a new, promising and reportedly stable emerald treatment has hit the market. Composed of a secret patented formula of synthetic resin and hardener, it is touted as the latest and best solution for reducing eye-visible inclusions and increasing emerald durability. It’s called the Arthur Groom & Co.-Gematrat treatment – named for the companies that developed it. The developers created the treatment in hopes of restoring waning consumer confidence in emeralds. But most importantly, it’s designed to be easier than other emerald treatments to detect. The new treatment also appears to have greater lasting power than its two main rivals: Opticon, used mainly in Brazilian emeralds, and palm oil, used mainly in Colombian emeralds. The use of Opticon and palm oil (which also are synthetic resins), coupled with a widespread reluctance to disclose treatments, are larg

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