Speaking Out

Jewelry designer Erica Courtney knows about good looks. She’s based in Hollywood, works with stylists, and keeps her store interiors current and fashionable. She also has her own personal dress designer, makeup artist, and hair stylist to help her remain a looker.

Courtney recently chatted with JCK about not letting your store’s looks go—out of complacency or the dreaded tightwad disease. Here are a few of Courtney’s thoughts:

  • Jewelry stores’ decor: “Many stores don’t promote today’s look that’s young and sexy.”

  • Retailers not wanting to pony up remodeling funds: “Jewelers are too focused on the least amount of money they can spend instead of the most amount of money they can make.”

  • Store and display case decorations: “Don’t make too much of a statement that isn’t jewelry.”

  • Jewelry displays at trunk shows: “Updated displays are so important. When I do a trunk show, I bring my own displays. I’m not going to take a chance using your displays.”

  • What message her jewelry should convey:“I don’t want to have a ‘good diamond’ look; I want my jewelry to have a ‘fabulous diamond’ look.”

  • Retailers who put cutesy decor in cases with Courtney’s jewels: “Take those foil hearts and candy out of my cases and throw them away.”

  • How store interiors affect her business decisions: “I went to Texas to visit a store—I was all ready to sell to them. But we walked in and I said, ‘It’s so dark in here, and the carpet is plaid.’ We didn’t pursue them after that.”