Slow and Steady Wins the Marketing Race

Speed dating it’s not. Take time to woo customers and sales will follow.To many jewelers, marketing is all about generating the sale. And that’s understandable: Without sales, there is no business. But many retailers are guilty of seeking a sale before they’ve built a strong relationship with customers.Put yourself in your customers’ shoes. When you last bought something, did you buy from a business you knew, or from one you didn’t? If it was the latter, you likely went through a series of subconscious checkpoints to evaluate the business prior to purchase.Of course, that depends on the value of what you’re buying; a stick of gum or a tank of gas doesn’t require a lot of soul-searching. But bigger items do. The time spent evaluating the decision is directly related to the cost and significance of the decision being made.Is the item genuine? Is it priced competitively? Can t

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