Sixties Chick Twiggy Models a Hamilton Accumatic A-202 Watch

It’s no small feat to be of the time and from the future, but 17-year-old Twiggy managed to straddle eras quite nicely when she donned the men’s Hamilton Accumatic A-202 watch in Vogue’s November 1967 issue. Only a year after getting her famously short haircut and being dubbed the “Face of 1966” by London’s Daily Express, the model was still the It Girl of the late 1960s. (This marked her fourth Vogue cover in 1967 alone!) As for actually marking the tick-tock time, Twiggy did that with one of the coolest functioning timepieces available. Designed that year, the Accumatic A-202 was one of Hamilton’s newfangled automatic watches; it wound itself with every move of the wrist.

The A-202’s asymmetrical face—a portion of its 14k gold casing protruded over the dial, obscuring hour markers 2, 3, and 4, but not 8, 9, and 10—was characteristic of its maker’s avant-garde style and a nifty complement to Twiggy’s space-age Whiting & Davis mesh jumpsuit. (The next year, Stanley Kubrick would request that Hamilton design the timepieces for his futuristic sci-fi drama 2001: A Space Odyssey). “Hamilton always had its eyes on modernity,” says the company’s CEO, Sylvain Dolla. “And that innovation caught the eye of those who clearly wanted to be ahead of their time.”

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