Silver’s Golden Opportunity

When it comes to anniversaries, silver has long been synonymous with celebrating 25 of them—at first, of marriage. Legend has it that German couples of means started giving each other silver wreaths for their 25th wedding anniversaries around 600 years ago. Gradually, the exchange of custom-crafted silver became so common, the 25th anniversary became known as the silver anniversary. These days any venture lasting 25 years uses this occasion as a publicity-worthy special event. In 1978, for instance, ABC TV ran a hugely popular silver anniversary special on its 25 years of football coverage. In 1997, the Air Force held a silver anniversary gala to mark 25 years of F-15 fighter jet production. You get the idea: Silver is the official metal of the quarter-century mark.

Now the Silver Promotion Service wants sterling to become the official gift idea of the 25th anniversary. Last September, the group announced a campaign to make silver jewelry the remembrance of choice for any relationship or venture that has reached its silver anniversary. And the group wants gifts given to be substantial, not just symbolic. As SPS director Michael Barlerin says, “With its many artisanal qualities, silver enables designers to create unique jewelry and ideal products.” That’s certainly true in a country whose most famous sentinel, Paul Revere, was a silversmith. What’s more, with silver around $30 per ounce, as opposed to $1,600 per ounce for gold, silver keeps the prospect of great yet affordable design a distinct possibility.

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