Silver: New Lines From Shaill and Chan

Shaill Launches Silver

The inspiration for Shaill Jhaveri’s new silver and vermeil line? Plain old H2O. Research from the United Nations and CIA reveals that the life-sustaining element of water “will become increasingly hard to come by in many parts of the world (the Middle East, Asia, and Sub-Saharan Africa) and will be a leading cause of conflict,” he tells JCK.

Another troubling fact the designer discovered: By 2025, two billion people will live in countries where it will be difficult or nearly impossible to mobilize water. The water dilemma is particularly concerning for Jhaveri because he is a native of Mumbai, where population growth has placed even greater pressure on water supplies; his parents still live in India.

His new jewelry designs feature stylized drops of water evoking a splash, a shower, or a downpour, with and without precious stones. “I can see this collection go on and on,” says Jhaveri. The line is so new—he brought only a few pieces to JCK Las Vegas in June—that retail prices haven’t quite been finalized; he expects most items to fall within the $100 to $2,000 range.

Yes He Chan

Men’s bracelet with gunmetal nuggets and leather cord; $220; Chan Luu, Los Angeles; 877-242-6588;

Trendy and often unisex accessories designer Chan Luu has officially launched a collection for men. The pieces debuted at the Fall II/Holiday 2010 Los Angeles Fashion Market in June and are still on the unisex side—line bracelets in leather can suit a man or woman—but semi­precious stones like labradorite and zebra jasper help take the looks to a more sophisticated level. “Chan saw a need in the market, so this line was the next logical step,” says a Luu spokes­person. Styles are crafted in sterling silver, vermeil, gunmetal, and leather cord and start at $195 retail.

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