Show Tips From a Gemologist

Gary Roskin, host of the Roskin Gem News Report ( and former gemstone editor for JCK, offers some tips for jewelers attending INTERGEM.

If this is your first time at INTERGEM, don’t let its size lull you into thinking you need only a day to work the show. With so many fine-quality gems to see, if you do not plan ahead, you may not have time to see it all.

1. Take the first hour of the first day to walk the entire show, judge its size, and see where you may want to spend extra time. Don’t stop at any booths yet, or you may not want to leave.

2. Meet as many gem artists as you can. It’s their craftsmanship that brought you to Idar-Oberstein. If you get an invitation to their home and workshop or to join them for dinner, don’t pass up the opportunity. Their hospitality and the local culture will make the trip more memorable and the business opportunities even better.

3. It’s October, but not Oktoberfest. They have beer, but it’s the beef you want. Try the Spiessbraten. It’s the local delicacy, and it is magnificent!