Should you ask for the add-on sale?

“It’s a pre-Internet technique that today’s savvy consumers see as manipulative.”Terry Sisco, chief ExSelleratorExSellerate  Tampa, Fla.The New “Normal”: The iGeneration—those young adults who’d rather listen to the Black Eyed Peas than eat them—has grown used to purchasing in the neutral shopping environment of the Internet. This is their “normal.” They expect the in-store experience to mirror their online experience. Manipulative selling techniques such as the add-on are not as effective with them.Wardrobing wonders: a suite of matching 18k gold and diamond jewelry by David Yurman Fast Food for Thought: The customer’s perception of the add-on sale is that it’s cost-added, not value-added. McDonald’s—which gave us the famous phrase Would you like fries with that?—long ago shifted to the value-meal concept, which includes such standard fare as the Hap

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