Sex Over Stones

Just 18 percent of women would choose a diamond over great sex, according to results of a recent survey called “What Women Want” conducted among 3,800 women. The survey reports that fine jewelry paled in comparison to the excitement offered by other categories as well, namely massage, cited by 63.3 percent, and shoes, cited by 53 percent of respondents.

When women do buy jewels, 47.5 percent do so “just because,” and 41.3 percent because “they see something they like.” Another 30.8 percent would spring for a sparkly treat on their birthdays, but not necessarily a diamond; 27.5 percent would “never” buy themselves rocks; and 14.5 percent said they’d never buy themselves colored stones.

The celebrity factor doesn’t have much pull at the register. Only 11.2 percent of women want what celebrities wear in magazines and on TV, and 8.3 percent are influenced by trends set on the red carpet. However, 46.2 percent are influenced by items in store windows, and 35 percent buy based on jewelry ads.

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JBT Figures Reveal Little Change in Jewelry Landscape Over Past Year

May 2005 May 2004 % Change
Source: Jewelers Board of Trade, Warwick, R.I.
Total U.S. Retailers 24,741 24,748 0%
Total U.S. Wholesalers 4,505 4,539 &1%
Total U.S. Manufacturers 3,571 3,624 1.5%