Seven P.R. Tips

Want to know how to get your story into print? Consider the following advice from Trent & Co., a New York publicity firm with a number of jewelry clients including the International Jewelry Design Guild (IJDG), a guild of independent designers, for whom these tips were written.

For president Nancy Trent, the “bottom line” of her company is to help clients get their stories into the hands of journalists. IJDG members say her suggestions work: “A number of members use [the tip list] as their bible,” says executive director Stacy Blackshaw.

  1. Be a resource for journalists. Foster good relationships with—and become a source for—journalists. Convey your willingness to cooperate with them. If you haven’t got an answer when one calls with a question, let him or her know you’ll obtain the information as quickly as possible. Then make certain you do return the phone call when you say you will.

  2. Keep the media informed. Always let the media know about newsworthy activities, such as new collections in the store or celebrities who wear your jewelry.

  3. Arm yourself with story ideas. Have a steady stream of interesting story ideas to present to consumer and trade media on a regular basis. The media need news; give them something that will grab their attention and interest their readers.

  4. Pay attention to customer purchases. Since increases in customer demands usually follow the latest trends, promote the jewelry that draws a crowd.

  5. Prepare press kits. They should contain facts about your designs, line and collection information, photos, and interesting story ideas. And remember, press kits don’t need to be expensive to get attention.

  6. Take high-quality, high-resolution photographs. In many cases, having the right photography can determine whether or not your jewelry gets mentioned in an article.

  7. Get fired up. Before interviews begin, turn up your own “voltage”—pretend you’re turning on a light bulb to brighten up your entire demeanor. And remember to smile; it works on camera and even over the phone, especially when the smile is genuine.

For more information, contact Trent & Co. at (212) 966-0024 or visit To find out more about the IJDG, call (856) 423-7222, ext. 230, or check out the group’s Web site at

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