Sell Them Both

Here’s a short quiz: What happens when two customers come into your store together? Do your salespeople (a) Find out who the buyer is and sell only that customer? (b) Ignore the friend because he or she could ruin the sale? (c) Try to sell them both? The correct answer is (c), but I bet you answered (a) or (b).

I have rarely seen a salesperson try to sell both customers. When I ask why, they say: “The store may have been too busy, and customers were waiting, and besides, I hate it when two ladies come in together. The lady who is not buying usually ruins the sale.”

Those answers make no sense to me. Salespeople must keep in mind that any person who comes into the store represents a selling opportunity.

The customer who’s shopping motivates her friend. All the salesperson has to do is inquire. Chances are that the friend is thinking of a diamond gift she’d like to receive. If it’s two men, the friend might be thinking of a diamond gift for his wife. Don’t let the friend leave without at least asking.

If you were the friend and the salesperson ignored you, how would you feel? Would you want to stay? Would you return to that jewelry store? Is being ignored the way you like to be sold?

One of the most frequent questions I get asked in my sales seminars is: “Why do friends of customers torpedo sales?” My answer is: “Because you ignored the friend, and two other jewelers before you probably did the same thing.” The friend was already upset when she walked in. By ignoring her, the salesperson added gasoline to the fire, and she reacted by ruining any chance of making a sale.

Salespeople tell me they try to avoid two women who come in and hope someone else approaches them. They were surprised when I told them that if I were selling in their store I would ask for all those customers. I would sell both customers not just one piece of jewelry, but more, because many times if one customer goes for an add-on sale the other will follow. I would also find out when their next occasion is, what they would like to be surprised with, and ask permission to call their husbands. I would have their trust, and I’d have them and their husbands as repeat customers.

Tell your salespeople to do the same and you’ll see a big increase in your sales.

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