Sell Like a Kindergartner

In the spirit of Jewelers of America joining forces with Jewelry Information Center, Helena Krodel, JIC’s director of media and special events, offers sales advice based on Robert Fulghum’s All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten.

  • Say please and thank you to your customer. When you order new pieces with specific customers in mind, call them and say: “Please come into the store and have a visit with us. We found something perfect for you.” When that client makes an effort to come in and make a purchase, send them a thank-you. Whether it’s a phone call, a note in the mail, or an e-mail, allocate an hour each week to say, “Thank you, we appreciate your business,” to those who keep you in business.

  • Show and tell. Like a surgeon ready to operate, have your instruments and tools ready each morning when those doors open. Beautiful jewelry mats to rest pieces on and a mirror will make all the difference to shoppers.

  • Dazzle them. Little extras go a long way toward making people feel welcome in your store. Think about providing a tiny tube of lip gloss to women when they try on a piece of jewelry. With shiny lips and a bright smile, the jewelry will look even better!

  • Fill in the important details. Provide thorough explanations of metals, gemstones, and settings. Offer print materials such as colored gemstone brochures and a handout on gold to teach customers about karatage. (You can order gemstone brochures from JA.)

  • Snack time. Have a signature drink or treat available in your store. If it’s a cookie, offer the recipe to your favorite customers. The saying goes: “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” It’s the same for customers. Feed them and they’ll return. The smell alone of something yummy brings sensory experience and a smile to even the toughest customer’s face.

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