Schwarzschild Celebrates Style

Hollywood style makers get more than enough attention, so one Richmond, Va., jeweler decided to turn the spotlight on fashion plates in its own backyard.

Schwarzschild Jewelers, a leader in recognizing the fashion/jewelry link, teamed with the Valentine Richmond History Center’s Costumes & Textiles collection to hold its second “Women of Style” event, honoring 10 locals who possess a keen sense of style. About 125 guests attended the invitation-only celebration to congratulate the winners.

Nominated by previous winners and other members of the Richmond fashion industry, each newly crowned woman of style was honored for her unique aesthetic.

The store’s fashion buyer, Robin Holder, who also serves as fashion buyer for the company’s Shreve, Crump & Low store in Boston, says her firm likes to reinforce the jewelry-as-fashion message. “New events that drive a fashion message hopefully attract a new client,” she says.

As part of the “Women of Style” event, the 10 winners visited the Valentine museum’s extensive Costumes & Textiles collection. “It’s got 40,000 pieces in it,” says Schwarzschild spokeswoman Susan Morgan. “Jewelry, hats, handbags, clothing, shoes … all items worn and used by Virginians from the 1600s to the present.” Each of the 10 women selected an antique handbag that she felt best represented her style, and Schwarzschild accessorized the bags with modern jewelry and displayed the results in their three Richmond-area stores for 10 days.

The store also raised money for the Valentine Center through jewelry sales surrounding the event. Style honorees received plaques from a local newspaper as well as a piece of designer jewelry from Schwarzschild’s.