Scents & Sensibility: Why the Scent of Your Store Matters

Romancing the customer—with story­telling, stellar service, and great product—is the name of the game in fine jewelry retail. But all that wooing may be for naught if your store’s smell is the olfactory equivalent of an eyesore. Conversely, an inviting, familiar scent diffused into a retail space can nudge shoppers into a spending mood. “If scent is done right, it makes people stay longer in an environment,” says Roel Ventura, an ambient designer specializing in olfactory branding for interior landscaper Ambius. “We like to nose around in places that smell really good.” There is ample scientific research behind scent marketing (i.e., using scent to sell products). Our olfactory capabilities are part of our limbic system, which controls our emotions. And smell is closely related to the amygdala and hippocampus, parts of the brain that helm our moods and memories. Acco

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