Say What?

The global nature of the gem and jewelry industry provides the opportunity to see many parts of the world and gain friends from different cultures. Global interaction, however, sometimes spawns glitches in communication. Dick Hughes, a gemologist and colored gemstone expert at Pala International of Fallbrook, Calif., sent JCK a list of descriptions he and fellow gem importers have seen written on various parcel papers. First, let’s acknowledge that English is a difficult language to master and give the senders a round of applause for trying. Then, see if you can guess what gemstone/color/cut was actually inside the parcel paper.

1. Alexsundnight

2. Ganat

3. Zagoon

4. Cobion

5. Safaya

6. Al-ding

7. Papal

8. Light Leek

9. Ylat

Answers: 1. Alexandrite; 2. Garnet; 3. Zircon; 4. cabochon cut; 5. Sapphire; 6. Almandine; 7. Purple; 8. Poorly Cut; 9. Violet, as in “Ylat Safaya.”

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