Rocker and Bikers Inspire Jewelers

JCK first spotted the rocker trend early this year, when designers started to display precious skull-and-crossbones, handcuff, and tattoo motifs. The idea, however, exploded this spring when a trio of high-profile brands backed up (or inspired) by bikers, rockers, or bad-boy hipsters launched jewelry and watches.

First, FIBO steel distributor Miami Steel announced that Tico Torres, the drummer for ’80s hair band Bon Jovi, would launch a line called Rock Star Baby jewelry. Torres had previously dabbled in design with a line of hip baby clothes of the same brand name (an absence of pastels makes it a favorite for hip parents like Torres’s bandmate Jon Bon Jovi).

The jewelry follows that design aesthetic, taking away the sweet and focusing on the style. Pieces are primarily silver with a dark, antique-look finish, and each is named after a Bon Jovi song.

“It’s really contemporary,” says Valentino Diaz, president of Miami Steel. “[It has] a bit of an edge … a little bit of a rocker look.”

Next up is Von Dutch. The brand that inspired thousands of hipsters (and hipster wannabes) to don trucker hats is bringing its hip edge to watches. The collection, like the brand’s clothing line, is based on cars and bikes and will be promoted by one of the favorite bad boys of the 1990s, Dennis Rodman.

Finally, watch for a new line by Mod Jewelry, which will arrive this summer under the brand Beverly Hills Choppers. The collection—featuring silver, diamonds, and leather—aims to combine “the sparkle of Hollywood celebrity with the heavy-duty feel of rock ‘n’ roll,” according to a statement.

Beverly Hills Choppers’ motorcycles had become a fad among Hollywood’s young and affluent like Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie, and Kimberly Stewart (who gained fame for crashing hers).

Beverly Hills Choppers jewelry, expected to debut at the MAGIC show in August, will include necklaces, bracelets, rings, dog tags, money clips, and belt buckles.