Wedded Blitz: Retailers on Bridal Styles They’ll Be Buying

What bridal styles will you be investing in this year, and what are your bridal clients asking for?

Matthew RosenheimFor 2020, engagement rings are trending toward simplicity with special simple details, often with a vintage flair. We expect solitaire rings—non-halo—to be the most sought-after, but halos are still quite popular in various shapes, from simple rounds to hexagonal- and octagonal-shape halos. Three-stone rings are not as sought-after and come in third, but they must be represented in any full assortment. We produce all of these styles as part of our Roslyn collection, which is designed and manufactured in-house.”
Matthew Rosenheim, president, Tiny Jewel Box, Washington, D.C.,


Adam GormanWe always have our eyes wide open for unique engagement ring designs that buck convention. This year, we’re going to focus on more fancy-shape center diamonds in both delicate and more substantial sizes. Yellow gold is very strong right now and growing, as well as our vintage-style rings. We’re also foreseeing alternative cuts as a new look for the year.”
Adam Gorman, co-owner, I.Gorman, Washington, D.C.,


Debbie FoxBridal clients want to see the latest trends. It’s important to have enough of them so your store is perceived as current. But in the end, most don’t choose the latest trend! That said, there are clear shifts to ovals, white gold with rose and yellow accents, and original halos. And the largest shift is to custom.”
Debbie Fox, owner, Fox Fine Jewelry, Ventura, Calif.,


Kate MallerAlternative engagement rings are huge for us right now. This lends itself to using less traditional stones like colored or opaque diamonds, which we love! We find that alternative stones have such individual character and beauty, and our clients appreciate that too. Currently, we’re working on a whole new series of engagement rings with colored diamonds. We’ve also been getting a lot of interest [in]—and a positive response to—our asymmetrical designs, so we plan to roll more of those out in the new year as well.”
Kate Maller, owner, Kate Maller Jewelry, Denver,

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