Reller Jewelry Celebrates 75th Year

Reller Jewelry, Gainesville, Fla., celebrates its 75th anniversary this year. Company founder Marcus Reller earned his certificate of Mastercraftsmanship from the Vienna, Austria, Goldsmith’s Guild 75 years ago and opened his own jewelry business in the basement of his apartment building in a working class district of the city.

In 1938 he was forced to flee the Nazis and wound up in New York where he co-founded AUREL and created the Niagara brand karat gold watch bracelets produced for Lucien-Piccard, Longines, and others.

Fifty years ago Reller became one of the first manufacturers to open in South Florida, now a major center for jewelry production.

Reller Inc., 2444 N.E. First Blvd., Gainesville, FL 32609; (352) 372-2337,